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K18 Hair Treatment.............................. $35
Kerastase Fusion Dose........................ $30
Olaplex In-salon................................... $30
Treatment and Blow Dry....................... $80
Kerastase Premier and Blow Dry....... $110

Explore hair treatments at Chicago's top-choice salon!

Is your hair dry, damaged, or just plain lackluster? Look no further than Siren Salon in Lake View for professional hair treatments that will leave your locks looking and feeling their best. Our expert stylists are trained in the latest techniques and use top-of-the-line products to give you the ultimate hair transformation.

K18 Hair Treatment

Siren proudly offers the revolutionary K18 Hair Treatment. This treatment is designed to repair and restore damaged hair, making it stronger, smoother, and more manageable. The K18 formula works by penetrating deep into the hair shaft to repair broken bonds and reverse the effects of chemical and heat damage. Say goodbye to split ends and hello to healthy, shiny hair with our K18 Hair Treatment.

Kerastase Fusio Dose Treatment

For those looking to add moisture and shine to their hair, the Kerastase Fusio Dose Treatment is the perfect choice. This customizable treatment is tailored to your specific hair needs, whether it be dryness, frizz, or lack of volume. Our stylists will assess your hair and create a personalized blend of concentrated ingredients to target your hair concerns. The result? Silky, hydrated, and nourished hair that will turn heads.

Olaplex In-salon Treatment

If you regularly color or bleach your hair, you know how damaging it can be. That's where the Olaplex In Salon Treatment comes in. This treatment is a game-changer for those with chemically treated hair, as it works to repair and strengthen the bonds that are broken during the coloring process. Not only does it improve the overall health of your hair, but it also helps your color last longer and look more vibrant.

Treatment and Blow Dry

At Siren Salon, we believe a professional hair treatment should be followed by a professional blow dry. Our stylists are trained in the latest blowdrying techniques to give you a flawless finish. Whether you want sleek and straight or bouncy and voluminous, we've got you covered. Sit back, relax, and let us take care of your hair from start to finish.

Healthy, natural sheen. We're all about YOU.

Professional hair treatments are a must to achieve your dream hair. Siren provides our clients with the best treatments and services that match their hair needs. From repairing damaged hair to adding moisture and shine, our treatments give you the hair you love. Book an appointment with us today and experience the Siren difference!